Veralex warrants that its manufactured glass and windshield products meet all applicable industry standards and warrants its manufactured windshield and glass products to be free from all defects in material and workmanship, provided that the purchaser has used and maintained the product in accordance with the recommendations and standard care practices of Veralex.

This 2 years warranty period begins upon the date of delivery. This warranty will not apply to any product if it is determined by Veralex that the product became defective or damage caused by improper installation, storage or accidents. Also, alterations to the product will automatically stop the actual warranty. Please note that Veralex will not warranty against corrosion for a period greater than one year from the in-service date.

It is to be expected that certain cosmetic variations are characteristic of the product, including, but not limited to, cosmetic variations in the aluminium extrusions and glass on Veralex windshield products.

Veralex excludes any warranty or liability for cosmetic variations in its windshield products which variation fall within applicable industry standards.

All repairs and adjustments must be made at the factory or by an approved Veralex dealer. All repairs under the terms of this warranty are subject to authorization by Veralex.

To return a warranty claim, a “return authorization number” must be generate from Veralex and clearly marked on the package. Returned items will not be accepted without a valid Veralex “return authorization number.”

This warranty may not be modified or altered by anyone except in writing by an authorized officer of Veralex.

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