Hull glass

Veralex hull glass is made of laminated glass which has been chemically tempered. Prelco Inc, our Head-company, is the only Canadian company using that kind of technology. This combination offers an increased resistance to outer damages while emphasizing the safety of every occupants.

As the sunroof glass does, the hull glass allows the daylight to pass through the hull, throughout the day. Usually, the forward cabin can be dark and dank, but this light streaming in takes care of that.

Backed with 50 years of experience and knowledge in the marine glazing industry, Veralex developed many unique abilities. Veralex can easily engineer every single of your custom-made glass projects. We will build your hull glass with your unique specifications!


«This tall hull/short deck also allows installation of the wide, 13-foot-long hull side windows. These let in a ton of light.»

«The hull windows and hatches allow so much sun, I wore my shades belowdecks.»

«Hullside windows let in plenty of daylight.»

For more information, please refer to our available data sheets from our menu on the left or simply contact us to discuss your next hull glass project: 1 855 364-3419

You are looking for the boat windshield clear alternative, Veralex will meet your requirements! Our flat and curved tempering furnace will produce the most innovative glass shape without any tong mark! Our deep bend tempering furnace with air support will produce perfect curve glass quality without tooling mark. Compound curve, cylindrical radius and complex tempered glass shape will meet the most demanding designers need. We can also add ceramic fritted glass on all tempered product! Veralex is a fully integrated OEM supplier.


Tempered glass is subjected to a special heat-treating process that locks the surface in a state of compression to help and prevent cracking. Heat treating consists in heating the glass to just below the softening point (620°C / 1200°F) and then cooling it rapidly and uniformly. The mechanical strength and thermal endurance of tempered glass is four (4) to five (5) times higher than annealed glass.

Residual tension in thermally tempered glass



Maximum size: Flat tempered glass: 96” x 196”
Cylindrical tempered glass: 82’’ x 82’’ **
Complex tempered glass: 60’’ x 72’’ **

(** For larger dimensions than those specified, please contact our sales department)

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