The clear alternative for your windshield needs

A single supplier from design to manufacture

Expertise, software and state-of-the-art equipment. Adaptable structures - from design to manufacture. Veralex focusses to understand and meet every single one of your needs with unmatched speed and accuracy. Veralex guarantees the exceptional performance of its integrated boat windshield systems.

More than product Know-How

The main advantage of our experienced engineers and technicians lies in their ability to assist you in the selection of the most approriate material and process for your boat windshield and safety glass applications. Thanks to major investments in R&D, they can provide solutions using the most advanced cutting-edge technology. Performance and durability tests for all types of glazing are also available.

Whatever the windshield type you may be looking for, Veralex has the expertise and products you need. Our windshields, sunroof, ventury, laminated hull glass and windscreen meet the ISO 12216: Strength and watertightness requirements.

Our product line also gives you access to additional features to complete your project. Ceramic frit, Nano-Fusion, heated glass and switchable glass are all the available options contributing to enhance your marine experience with leisure and peace of mind.

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